About Us

Funding Today’s Businesses for Tomorrow’s Success. It’s What We Do.

We provide access to funding solutions to established small & medium-sized businesses in need of alternative financing to sustain or grow their organization.

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Lee Miller Capital Partners provides simple alternative financing to businesses across the U.S. and Canada, when bank loans or lines of credit may not be the best option. Despite stringent guidelines from traditional banks & lending institutions we offer immediate working capital (up to $500,000) to help business owners realize their vision- whatever that might be. It’s what we do.

Like the businesses we serve, we acknowledge that every funding situation is unique, and are upfront in our consultations before going to work for our clients. We’d prefer to “lose to a competitor”, than move forward and not deliver on a commitment our clients may be depending on. Our approval process is significantly easier than banks, without the mountains of paperwork. We strive to fund clients within 72 hours from approval or sooner. It’s what we do. However, we do understand that our financing options are not for everyone.

Lee Miller Capital Partners organizational aim is to consistently fund the maximum amount requested possible for our clients. And to do so when they actually need it. It’s what we do. Of all businesses that apply, about 70% are approved, and choose to partner with us for their business funding needs. We never put the future of any business at risk, as this affects the families & employees of the community who rely on it. We like to sleep well at night, and look ourselves in the mirror with pride, knowing we are filling a genuine need in the market. At times, the best decision is to not even consider any financing. We clearly communicate this, when that is the way to go. It’s what we do.

Access to cash is a key element in running a successful & profitable business. Our clients find that having capital at their fingertips to be reassuring to respond quickly should an emergency arise, to bridge a seasonal lull, or simply as added cash flow for growth should an opportunity present itself. We look to positively impact the profitability of our clients, and help utilize the capital in an effective manner. We do it transparently and responsibly. That is what is what we do best at Lee Miller Capital Partners.

Our clients find that our financing solution to be of value to what they’re already doing. They see us as partner in their success. We invite you to learn more, and decide for yourself, whether access and service at this level makes sense for your business.

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